ABA Services & Support


In-Home and Clinic-Based ABA Services

SEAS provides in-home ABA services in Stafford, Fredericksburg and Quantico, VA and clinic-based services at our centrally located office in Stafford, VA.  All services focus on the individualized needs of each child which may include increasing communication skills, social skills, self-help skills, adaptive living skills, and safety skills, as well as decreasing your child's engagement in challenging behaviors by teaching your child to engage in more appropriate replacement behaviors. 

Parent Training & Support

Parent training is a key part in each child's success. As a part of our collaborative approach, we ask that parents participate in not only the development of goals for their child, but also treatment.  Parent training allows you to feel comfortable implementing strategies you see your behavior technician using during session in your daily life. 

Social Skills Groups

Our social skills groups meet weekly to focus on increasing a variety of targeted social skills through direct instruction, modeling and play.  Each group includes 6-8 children and is organized by age and skill level. 

Treatment Team Collaboration

Our comprehensive approach to providing ABA services also includes collaborating with the other members of your child's treatment team.  This may include speech therapists, occupational therapists or your child's IEP team.  We are also available to assist with the IEP process and attend meetings or perform school observations if requested.